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Why PingTring

PingTring is the first in class Ecommerce Telecom marketplace that intents to make its customers choose the best and most economical ISP/TSP at a particular location.

The USP of this market place is that it gives its customers an option to choose a service provider based on the existing user ratings for a given pin code at competitive prices.


To facilitate its customers with anything and everything of the telecom world


Our mission is to bring our customers and various telecom service providers at a common platform so as to create a user-friendly telecom marketplace

Founder Message

The founder Mr. Hitesh Makkad, has a rich telecom industry experience of 12 years. He is into giving offline consultancy to companies amongst different industry verticals.

While giving consultancy to his clients, he identified that there is a huge gap in the market where customers don't even know the various service providers present in their area and at what prices are they offering the services.

There have been instances where services with similar SLA's were available at half the price of its nearest competitor and hence consumers end up paying much more than what they deserve to pay.

At times an organization gets stuck with an ISP, despite poor services, just because they signed up a lock in period agreement with the provider. The concept of user-ratings was introduced to protect the consumer interests.

Also a lot of time and energy in terms of HR resources is wasted by an organization just to identify the right service provider, which included the process of request for quotation, comparison, and shortlisting.

To remove such problem areas PingTring came into existence. The name PingTring represents the very spirit of this project and represents the two building blocks of telecom services, ping and tring. Ping represents the data services part of it and Tring (symbolic of phone's ring) represents the voice services part of it.

Ping -The data
Tring-The voice

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